I recently had a old friend pop into the studio for a brief 2/3 hour session. Man I gotta tell ya it was great! A real eye opener! You see. I regularly work by myself and generally enjoy the solitude and the fact that any ideas that spring forth are 100% all me! Anyways, you k ow what I mean! However, having an extra pair of ears in the lab added another dimension to the beats going down and in turn stepped up the production standard. This is a good thing you would agree! Now I’ve worked with people in the studio before when I kinda just started out and those sessions were pretty good as well but there is something cool when you can eliminate ego and just get down and focus on writing The phatest beats on the planet! If you haven’t given writing a colab with someone give it a go. I promise it’ll really open your ears up to bigger and better things. Your music will improve and you’ll from good friendships. Now all I have to do is find some more time so we can get back in the studio and finish the tune! When will this crazy game of drum n bass production ever end! Peace. Dj Dauntless

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