23 Tips to Improve  Your Drum n Bass Production Productivity
A few tips that I had lying around in my head that I’ve collected from various sources over the years. Enjoy.

1. Set up an Autoloader in your sequencer.
2. Clean out your VST/Au plugins folder.
3. Spend some time organizing your sample folders.
4. Learn to be creative first and critical later.
5. Turn off all distractions e.g. Internet, mobile phone, girlfriend.
6. Clean up your area from clutter.
7. Setup some keyboard shortcuts for your favourite commands.
8. Setup some channel Presets.
9. Setup some Instrument Presets.
10. If you have a controller use it.
11. Setup a seperate folder for all your projects.
12. Take regular breaks to rest your ears.
13. Check the mix from time to time with different moniters/headphones or even from another room.
14. A/B regularly to make sure your on the right track.
15. Monitor at high and low volume.
16. In the early stages dont spend to long on eq or compression on individual tracks.
17. If your struggling for new ideas spend some time listening to other “forms” of music for inspiration.
18. Pick a few synths and really get to know them inside out. Yes this means you “should” read their manuals!
19. On your favourite synths learn to reverse-engineer the presets to improve your synthesis knowledge.
20. Spend some time reading CM/FM or Musictech etc Mags for new techniques and inspiration. This also applies to internet forums like DOA.
21. Learn a little music theory as this can help you immensly when your stuck for ideas.
22. Bounce out a few of your tracks even if there a bit rough. Stick them on the Ipod and talk a walk around the hood. Hopefully you’ll get
some ideas on what needs fixing/replacing/adding etc.
23. Give yourself a time limit on things. e.g. Half hour more with this bass sound…if somethings not going by then, next sound please!

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