Listen, in this day and age of unlimited downloads, torrents and cracks its easy to have a VST folder that’s jammed packed full of synths that you have absolutely no idea about what they do or how they sound.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.


Go back into your folder and uninstall all of them except 1/2/3.

I don’t really care which one’s you pick. Just pick them and be done with it.

“Its easy to make a wrong decision right then to make a decision”

This was a famous quote by somebody who I can’t remember but anyways… you get the point.

Make a decision and move on.

Okay, so after you choose the synths you want to work with have a play around with them. Work your way through some presets and get to know how each one of them sounds. Turn off the effects and appegiators on the presets if they have them and have a good listen. Bounce out some sounds if you like and maybe draw in a bit of automation if you feel inspired.

Now after playing around you should load the initial/initialize preset (if there is one). Some synths come with an initial preset and some don’t. I reckon EVERY synth should have one. Its only when you start to build your own synth patches will you start to understand the synth. Which brings me to a good point.

I struggled with synthesis for ages. Sure I had a rough idea about what stuff on a synth did, LFOs, Envelopes, Detune etc. However, it wasn’t until I went through courses that I started to really understand synthesis. Do yourself a favor and check them out. They start at the crazy price of $8 US and the amount of stuff you’re going to learn is worth WAY MORE than that.

Okay, so after you get a grasp of synthesis (by watching the videos etc) start building up your own presets and bounce stuff out for your own sound library. In next to no time you’ll have a large collection of your OWN sounds and your tracks will have start to develop your own personalized sound. Which is what making drum and bass music is all about.

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