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Dauntless DrumnBass

From: Dj Dauntless

Saturday, 7:50 pm

I’ve been a DJ/producer for about 6 years now.  I’m a founding member of one of Sydney Australia’s largest  Drum n Bass Crews called NoFrills. Nofrills was started by my wife (Felicite) and I way back  in 2005. Nofrills is basically a collection of people who’s sole purpose is to bring DnB to the Sydney Masses. All the big named artists have played at Nofrills and the good news for 2009 is there will be plenty more!

In my several years as a DJ/producer i’ve managed to gather vital studio knowledge and insight by way of chit chat or one-on-one sessions in the studio which i plan to share with you. Plus i will share all of my own experiences in the studio with you. So that you can avoid some of the pitfalls and mistakes that i have made along the way.

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  1. link to one of your existing mixes?

    massively appreciated, always the highlight of a no frills party if i didnt feel the International!

    kick ass work mate!


    • Hi Dave, thanks mate! 🙂
      The mix (massively overdue) is on its way.
      Stay tuned to the NoFrills Podcast coming out and yes a mix cd giveaway at one of our parties!
      Thanks for the comment.
      Keep them coming!
      See you on the dancefloor!

  2. happy new year to the no frills crew! Hope you have a stomping new year. Big up the Dauntless, keep it rolling bruv

  3. Thanks a lot for your blog. It’s really a PITA to get quality information about DnB production. This really helps.

    Keep it up dude

    • Hey thanks for the kind words. Yes, finding any good information about dnb production can time quite a few years off your life. I know… because I’ve lost a few years myself!

    • Cheers bro.

      I like waking up to kind words. it keeps me going… dnb production is hard but keep at it. I have no intention of stopping until I’m killing it on all dancefloors across the globe!



  4. bigup for your good work !!!helpfull we going betta!

  5. I know that you’re pretty into Ableton Live. I love making the songs in Live, but I find that Mastering is better in Logic. Since you’ve worked a lot with Live have you found any good tips for Mastering in Live?

    • Not really man. When it comes to mastering I’m still learning and trying new stuff out. I heavily use the Oxford Limiter and the Waves L2 but sometimes I’ll throw the PSP Vintage Warmer 2 in there as well to hear how it sounds. One technique I did pick up recently was to put a Pultec Pro on the master buss and notch out a little at 200hz. It opens up the mix nicely and gets rid of the mud down there. Hope that helps. dauntless

  6. I fucking LOVE this site. This is the most useful resource I’ve found for D’n’B production. Thanks for you dedication and insight!

    • Hey man, thanks for the Big Ups! love it when I get positive feedback from peeps. I’ve been mad busy and shit the last few months so haven’t updated the site as I should have been but thanks man.
      I plan on adding some new articles to the website soon. Please come back and visit when you can. ez Dauntless

  7. G’day Dauntless

    Greetings from Wollongong, i have been disconnected to the social side of the DnB scene worldwide since forever. Ive been listening to Dnb for the last 5 years at least, but never really looked at blogs or websties, more or less just stumbled across videos on youtube and word of mouth. I Always mixed electro house etc etc. but never really had the chance to play all the stuff i wanted to. Stumbled across your site today and i can say i am thoroughly impressed its good to see people supporting the scene in Sydney. i’ve always wanted to get into production just its been a big scary and daunting thing that i could never seem to get the hang of. But your site has helped out alot and given me the inspiration to keep on trying. Even more so your a local guy. I have bookmarked this site and will be checking every day.

    Massive props.

    • Hey Todd, thanks for kind words! 🙂 Its always nice getting a kind word/comment on the website. Hope you get the courage to start to produce because once you start i’m sure you find it very hard to get rid of the drum n bass production bug! Let us know how you get on and I hope to see you in Sydney at a gig sooner or later!



  8. Hey Dauntless, really digging the knowledge about post and pre production, now that you have been in a treated room for recording, will you be posting up anything about trying to get a normal room (our bedrooms for some)to a little bit better.

    Thanks man, keep posting, cause we is learning!!

    Lloyd (Reload)
    • What up Reload? Hope u iz well man. A few tips on getting the most out of a bad room situation. (like myself)

      1. Use quality headphones. I use/love my Sennheiser HD650s. I’m planning to buy a pair of Beyerdynamics as well very soon. Just to A/B with. With headphones and monitoring, the more the better.
      2. Use/buy Nearfields. My Event Opal are awesome but too large for the room. Great for when I want to check the low end of a mix but no good to me for general duties. I have my Focal CM40s for that task and I love them. Nearfield were designed for close listening and so are perfect in a little room/bedroom studio.
      3. If you can place the studio facing the longest part of the room and get the speakers off the wall and corners. (a foot or more)
      4. Get your speakers on stands if you can. Anything will do really but make sure they’re study and try to get the treble at ear height.
      5. Get some Acoustic Panels. This is a really hard thing to do if you have a WIFE or girlfriend and the studio is in the living room. Try it but be prepared for a fight.

      anyways… I’ll have to get into more about Acoustic treatment soon.

      ez bruv


  9. Just found this site, and it’s really really good. The reviews are really indepth and it’s helpful for me to go back and look at some of the packs I have in a new light and be more critical of which parts I use. Also most of the knowledge tips and techniques are a real help when I get that ‘producers block’ or just wish to expand my knowledge. Keep up the great work and i’m looking forward to browsing through the rest of the posts.

    Matt (Modu)

  10. hahaha sik work bro – i was on the hunt for some reviews on sample collections – awesome – saved this to my favourites

  11. Hey Dauntless

    I’ve been on the baby bandwagon for the past year but am now getting my studio and life back in order.

    Keep up the great work on the site!

    Cheers LoS

    • No worries bro. All the best to you and your family man. Hope 2012 has started off really good for ya!
      For the question above you should really play around with the attack and release settings on the compressor to get rid of the pops and clicks.
      Watch how much your compressing as well. You don’t need to duck like crazy amounts. A few db should do it.



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  13. YO DNB Headz, I’ve just started producing Drum and bass a simply decision to make when i listened to the gatekeeper – fresh. Im having a problem and would love some help i mean any kind of help or advice. I got the creactive side down of the tracks such as my drums , baseline , atoms , a few fx vocals but what i don understand yet is how do i arrange this ? Ive got like a minute of arranged stuff but how do i further it ? like some dnb tracks don have heavy breaks and some have those very electro synth breaks, like a zeds dead break. how do i achieve this?

    • Please help me Dauntless 🙂

      Peace out


    • Hi Scott, hope all is well. The best advice I can give for arrangements is AB stuff. Really take apart the tracks that you love and study the heck out of them.
      Learn when the drums come, what bar does the bass come in? etc. Then move on to more tricker stuff like what FX do they/he/she use when the bass comes in.. etc.
      Then… apply what you just learnt to your own tracks. This will greatly increase the length of your own tracks and your tracks will have a more professional feel to them.

      Its a long hard road in front of you but really really rewarding when you conquer it. Good luck bro!


  14. Love the blog! You going to keep posting into 2013?

    • Hey, thanks for the kind words.
      Unfortunately I’ve hard Carpel Tunnel (Wrist Injury) for the last 6 months. This has ground my DnB Production to a halt or slow grind
      I’m taking steps to get myself healed up but its a slow process.
      I’ll definitely try to update the blog more in 2013.


  15. Hi, is there any place online where we could hear some music you made? (youtube/soundcloud?) Been looking on the web everywhere and I just can’t find any work form Dauntless :/

    Thank you for this blog b.t.w., very informative!

    Cheers (from Belgium)


  16. Hello,

    I have a question? What are some good headphones for mixing and mastering under 250.00? I know I’m not suppose to say mastering, because of reference monitors. What do you recommend? I trust your opinion, I always come here to get ideas. I always learn something new here.

    Digging the blogs very informative information. Thanks you so much for all the insight.

    Jay Wes

    • Hey man,
      sorry for the late reply. To be honest i’ve been finishing up a whole bunch of tracks so been hell busy.
      I use Senn HD650s and they are hell expensive. The Yuin PK1 seem like a good bet for under 150 on Amazon. They have NO bottom end so you have to use something
      else for that. Check out and build some graphs.
      Thanks for the kind words.


  17. Very good information. Lucky me I came across your site by chance
    (stumbleupon). I have book-marked it for later!

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