A Simple Plan
Howdy, things have been a little hectic to say the least but in a good way. I’ve been busy getting down in the studio writing beats! I managed to lure Axiom (Swi) into the studio with promises of Vodka and fishermans friends! (or should I say he kidnapped me for some drum n bass production madness!) Crazy I know but hey, those Europeans know a thing or two about Drum n Bass! Anyways, Axiom was amazed that I wasn’t using my Novation Remote SL37 keyboard at all for controlling plugins and what not. Reality was I had tried to set up all that goodness a few years ago but the system was a little to buggy for my liking and so I dropped the whole idea. Under my desk the Remote SL sat gathering dust unused and unloved. However all was not lost!

Another Shot at the Title
Well shoot forward to 2009 and the Automap software has all grown up to version 3 and even gotten itself a “Pro” edition! I was still abit skeptical about the software but on using it for a few minutes it felt good. Novation had obviously listened to the users and implemented some great changes. After downloading the latest drivers/software from Novation, installation was pretty straight forward in Cubase 4.5 and went without a hitch. A few clicks of the mouse and I was ready to get controlling my favourite plugins and sequencer!

Round Two – Fight!
A few weeks on now and I must say that I’m loving the Novation all over again. Having a controller has really changed the way that I interact with Cubase and this has influenced the way in which I write music, for the better! Even the little things like having buttons for the transport are awesome. I love having faders for the mixer and faders that have a solo/mute/pan are even cooler! Now note – I also have a Mackie MCUPro and this is indeed the
ultimate in tactile control for your DAW but the ease at which you can zip around and control different things with the Remote has to be seen to be believed. Having this amount of control is positively awesome for drum n bass production. Its great and really works well. The software hasn’t crashed on me yet (fingers crossed).

Thunderbirds are GO!
Well, I use it every day and I see this as a strong indicator of how useful a product of it. Like my Behringer Ultracurve, Mackie HR824’s and Cubase 4.5
the Novation has won a place in my workflow. I hope this inspires you to dust off what ever you got lurking under the desk/cupboard and give them another try in your drum n bass production. I’ve got a few bits of kit I’m itching to have a crack at again.

Till next time.

Hope to see you on the dancefloor soon.


No Frills Locus Crew Sydney

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