Well, to be honest I’ve struggled in the studio in the last few weeks. Some times its been good but most of the stuff I’ve been firing out just has been an utter ball ache. So what to do when things aren’t going well for in the LAB?

Well, I needed some inspiration and I turned to the Q&A on “The Grid” for some much needed advice and boy was I glad I did! One of my all time favorite producers in Optiv from the Cause4Concern and his Q&A was a blinder.

Here are a few notes from the Q&A:

1. We start off with a relatively simple drum kit or loop,
2. Find a sample that evokes some kind of vibe,
3. Work on some bass and from there just add elements that reinforce the idea.
4. Usually the first half of any session is about sound design and preparing samples. Then we arrange the sounds and start on the arrangement.

This is how I kind of work right now but notice point 4? First half sound design and the second half arrangement. Optiv mentions that he never starts to arrange until he has all the sounds just right. This is a BIG BIG BIG tip. If you’re trying to do some major tweaks to your samples in the arrangement phase things are NOT going to go well for you. DON’T jump the gun with the arrangement. Get the sounds right before moving on. Keep adding and adding parts to your track until you can’t add anymore. Then arrange. This should help you keep your flow when arranging and, ultimately help you finish tunes as well.

Let’s face it. Drum and Bass Production is tough. So getting your work flow right is CRUCIAL if you want to write good quality tunes in a small space of time.

Best of luck.

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