To Back Up or Not to Back Up

Er, actually thats a bit of a crap statement these days because everybody knows they should back up, right? Well, if you didn’t then shame on you! Where the hell have you been in the last 10 years or so? Anyway, lets move past the crap question I posed and get on with some bizness!

What Should I Do?

Well, what you shouldn’t do is do nothing. Period. Everything could be going along swimmingly, you have just made a new tune that is going to catapult you to the top of the Drum n Bass Pops and then your Cubase crashes, or your soundcard freezes or the power is cutoff because you forgot to pay the electricity! Whatever the cause all the hard work you’ve just done is GONE! G-O-N-E Gone! If there isn’t a saved copy of the tune somewhere its doubly gone! There are ways of getting certain things back but i’ll get to that in a bit. Learn to save often and have a couple of options available when you do. For instance,  Its good to have a copy on an external hardrive and then on a DVD. That’s the way I get down. I’ve learnt that hdd crash way to often for my liking so burning up a few dvd’s is a no brainer. The only thing is you have to be diligent and put the dvd’s in a cd wallet for safe keeping. You could take this a step further and leave this wallet at your friends/parents house etc just incase anything happened to your own home! Now thats SAFE!

Is all that really necessary?

Lose a few things and you’ll find out! Seriously, it’ll probably take the loss of a good tune etc to ram home the importance. Oh and it doesn’t have to be a tune it could be the  Honeymoon snaps or Movies or whatever! I guess it kinder forces you to work out what exactly is important enough to back up if anything went wrong!

Some things to help you out

I use a program called “Recover My Files” on the PC machine for any files I might have mistakenly deleted etc. There are a few programs now that all do the same thing. Quick Google search should give you 2 or 3 good ones. When it comes to External Hard drives I’ve had plenty, believe me when I say plenty! I can’t access certain parts of the house because of the dead hdd’s lying around! The best one out of the lot has to be the Seagate FreeAgent 750gb. It has worked flawlessly since getting it and has a quick 7200rpm hdd to boot! I’ve also got a 500gb Western Digital MyBook. I had a few problems with it on my PC but on the MAC it has proven quite solid. I use a program called O.N.E.S by Prassi for all my burning needs. I’m sick to death of Nero Burning and O.N.E.S has never let me down yet! Touch wood. I tend to save my Audio Projects by months when it comes to burning. I find this to be a reliable and sensible middleground. The Seagate has a built in backup program that saves my Audio Projects Folder daily at a scheduled time. Quick, easy and reliable.


I know its hard backing up. It can really eat into your tune making time but like all things I reckon it gets easier the more you do it. In time you could probably streamline the way you do it but find that out later on down the track when things are good. Knowing you have backed stuff up just incase something goes wrong is a good feeling. Right, i’m off to burn some dvds!

See you on the dancefloor!


NoFrills Locus Crew Sydney

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