The Organization

I’m all for being organized. Hell I spent a greater portion of my  early production hours moving files from one location to another. Renaming files and putting them into new folders seemed to be the order of the day. Who could find time to write tunes yeah? I mean there was still 900 kick drums to organize and then to make matters worse a whole collection of drum breaks I recently downloaded  had yet to be sorted through. My wife still jokes to this very day about my moving files special ability! This is not a good thing! What exactly was going on? Was I secretly trying to avoid writing tunes? What would make me do such a thing?

The Odd Couple

I’m not trying to promote being sloppy and untidy. Just merely pointing out that there is a limit to all this organizing and the limit is when it’s getting in the way of making beats! Even though it may take that little bit longer to find that kick drum or snare sample if your not organized, at least your in the process of making a tune (hopefully) and getting on with the job. So try to find the right balance between work and play. We don’t always feel like writing tunes so when moments like that do crop up use the time to sample or organize your sound sample library.

The Do Do Do and Don’ts

Right now at this moment I’m not preparing my samples that much. I’ve found out that most of the time the sample has to be eqed again compressed again etc. Don’t get bogged down with compression and effects too early on in the piece. Know what your after. If you just want to make some random noises/killer bass noises for later then do it. Just have an idea and stick with it.

Here are a few things that I’ve set up to make things easier for myself.

1. I use Kontakt 2/3 for auditioning drum hits. So easy to do. I put all my snares, kicks and hihats etc in separate folders and use the audition next button in Konakt. Dead easy and super quick when you need to find that elusive hit!

2. Setup a rough start up template. You don’t want too much here as this can influence you in a negative way and make your tracks to same-y.

3. Hook up some keyboard shortcuts etc.

In Short

You see I have friends who are super messy in the studio- half eaten 3 day old sausage rolls in the lab and friends who are super clean but they share one thing in common – they all write tunes by the truckloads! How do they manage it? Focus my friend, it all comes down to focus!

Mind you there will be a time when being organized is the only way forward. Especially if you want to go further in the business. Unfortunately

writing good quality and in quantity is very important for longevity in the any business. In this day and age of disposable hits having a steady stream of tunes is a must.

Well I hope all of this helps.

See you on the dancefloor.



No Frills Locus Crew Sydney

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