Bass! So how on this God forsaken Earth to they come up with that Colosseum crushing rip your face off bass sound?

Never fear my friend as I’ll guide you through one the most enlightning and terrifying subjects you’ll ever face!

DnB Bass!

DnB bass  is so bad ass the element has taken a place in the genre name! Now if that ain’t saying something NOTHING will!

To harp on about its importance some more,  its 50% of the genre  title! Now that’s big! All jokes aside people I hope you get the idea that this element of DnB is crucial to the music. Pivotal some might say! Nations are split down the middle over what element they like more, some say drums, others say bass.  Some say Potato, some say Potatoe!

Go figure!

Well, how I do make my own God fearing bass sounds? The most important thing to understand when making bass is that the sound you’ve come to love is made up of serveral layers. Yes! several layers! Not 1 or 2, SEVERAL!

When we talk about bass we are talking about a sound that covers pretty much all of the  frequency spectrum 20hz – 20khz.  We split the spectrum up into different bands to help us create the sound we want.

1. Sub bass. 120hz and below.

2. Midz. 100hz – 5000hz.

3. Tops. 5000hz – 20,000hz.

The key to getting the bass to sound Huge is in the manipulation of the layers. This will involve understanding frequencies and what tools to control them what to layer up and what effects to use.

I’ll go into more detail in part 2.

Hope this information helps clear some stuff up.



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