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How To Layer Drum n Bass Breaks

Howdy, how has the last few weeks been for ya then? Good I hope. They were great for me, and yes if you were thinking did I manage to get some studio time in on my Honeymoon, well the answer...
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Making your DnB Beats Phatter than Funk!

Obese Beats Who here doesn’t want them? Show me some hands… anyone? Bigger, fatter, phatter, huge, dance-floor destroying whatever, were all talking the same thing here. When it comes to writing dance-floor electronic stuff you need good solid beats. Ain’t...
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Drum n Bass Drums

The Power of DrumnBass Drums DnB Drums! Who doesn’t love them? Nobody that’s who! Whether it’s the funky shuffle of a funk break sped up to 172bpm or the fierce and chaotic rhythm of the Amen break smashing up the...
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