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Quick Update 39484747

Howdy, just a real quick update to let you in on whats been doing? Had my good friend Florian Phace in Sydney recently and we spent a bit of time in the studio (he basically kicked my *ss). Seriously, the...
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World Cup Fever Strikes The Studio!

Yes, its true. I’ll admit it to you. When the Football World Cup is on I become a bit of sports nut but I think you relate to that. Problem is between work and football this means even less time...
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Loopmasters Ray Keith Original Drum & Bass Vol.1 Review

The Loopmasters Ray Keith Sample CD Challenge Here’s the story: I’ve had a couple of weeks to test out the Loopmasters Ray Keith Drum & Bass Vol.1 Sample Pack and you know what? It’s KILLER! This time around I didn’t...
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