Howdy Folks, Just a quick headz up to say “Hello there and Sorry I haven’t been around much!” Honestly, I haven’t been around much because I’ve been deep in the beats. It’s a bit of a catch 22 because even though I would love to update the site more with fresh content and videos etc when I get some spare time I’m busy producing music.

I hope you can all forgive me.

Anyways… I’ve been thinking about changing the format so that I can update the site more often.

I’ll probably just hit you with the good stuff in point form, like this:

VST Plugins I’ve been using loads in the last year that I couldn’t live with out. 

1. N.I Kontakt 4/5 – Love it. Learn to automate the Filter/Pitch/LFO’s.

2. N.I Guitar Rig 4/5 – Use each effect in small amounts.  Don’t over cook it. Great on Midz.

3. UAD EVERYTHING – The new Studer A800 is GOLD and the Cambridge is a MUST!

4. Sonnox EVERYTHING – The Limiter/Dynamics/Inflator are a must. Try just using the Warmth on the Dynamics/Effect on Inflator/Saturation on Limiter.

5. OhmForce Everything – These French Guys know what they’re doing and they do it brilliantly! Plugin Master builders!

6. Ableton Spectrum – Love this little Analyzer! I put it on every channel nearly!

7. Smexoscope – I place this on my Master Channel. Great for working out how “spikey/transient” a sound is. That way you can flatten the peaks if need be.

There is probably a few more in there but that will do for now.

BIG DNB Production Tip of the Week. 

Learn to layer some “Stereo Hits” on your Drum hits. By doing so you’ll get maximum stereo width and this in turn will make your Drums sound HUGE!

Works great on Hi Hats/Crashes/Rides/Percs and the Upper Snare Layer. Just make sure the samples are Stereo and have plenty of top frequency content.

Use an Analyzer if you’re not sure!

Well, thats it for today… speak to you guys a little later in the week.


See ya on the dance floor!



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