I’ll keep this nice and short.

Limiting used to be my bread and butter. I used to tell people when they asked. Get used to clipping and limiting.

Its what we do in DnB. Sure i used Saturation and Distortion but i look at it differently now.

Part of what happens when u distort something is it naturally compresses the sound. So you getting a nice 2 for 1.

So, since we don’t really give a shit about dynamic range in DnB… saturate away!

My favourites are still the old faithfuls. So don’t feel like you need to rush out and buy a whole bunch of them.

Ableton Saturator and Camelphat are still highly used. Trash2 and Decapitator are up there. NI Driver and Slate VCC and Slate Tape as well.. and that’s not all of them.  So really a huge variety of saturation/distortion is used so  don’t be shy.

So where do i use it?

On everything! Hi hats, snares, kicks, bass, mids, fx and pads.. vocals.. what ever. use it on the lot. It will help the mix glue/gell nicely and cut off some peaky peaks etc. Also you’ll get a nice rough edge to your mix that will toughen it all up.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.



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