Howdy, just a quick update.

I’m just going through the grind of installing Windows 7 and all wonderful plugins that keep me rolling.

What VSTi or VST have I been feeling lately?

Well, In terms of EQ… i have to give it to UAD Massive Passive. This plugin is so damn close to ANALOG its not funny. I’m sure MOST people wouldn’t be able to pick the difference in a blind test. Sucks a monstrous amount of juice from your UAD card but its so worth it. Trial it if you dare. You’ll be coughing up the $$$ quick smart!

Compression? Well, i’m really loving the 1176 Collection from UAD again here. Sorry guys… they are just killing with the quality at the moment. What about native compression then? Ok, for native i’m really feeling the Cytomic The Glue. Great plugin and goes very nicely on the Dum Buss or the Master Buss. Does what it says on the tin. Glues stuff. Nuff Said.

VSTi/Synth? Well, been hammering the Virus Ti Polar lately. Making my own patches. Who doesn’t like the sound of Access Virus? The Reverb and Chorus are just superb and really make a patch come to life.

Hardware? Well, got myself another EMU 6400 Ultra Samplers for some Wormhole goodness. Got it for a great price. If you have some spare change lying around grab one. They are worth their wait in gold and you won’t sound like every body else… this is a good thing believe me.

Anyways, better get back to the installing… How many DVDs left you say?

Oh Dear…

See you on the dance floor


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