So, are you ready for part 2? The first part was really well received and to be honest I was blown away by the interest in the Q&A session. So, thanks for popping in to have a read and if you haven’t had the chance to check out the LP Cocoon by Chook then click the Album cover on the right there and have a listen. Its 100% quality all the way!

Also, if you have questions to ask or want to make some comments don’t be shy. I would love to hear what you think.

So, on with the show then…

11. Your favorite key to write in?

it’s all about E inn’it 🙂

12. Do you use any hardware?

The Virus Ti is the only Hardware i can say I use a lot. It’s got a very powerful sound and the possibilites are just endless with it.

13. What do you put on your master buss? Why?
1. Gain, which I trim down about 5 db so that my master is not clipping even with no limiter on it.
2. A Cambridge EQ, with a Hi pass set at 25-30hz to get rid of unwanted rumble A 2 db increase with a high Q at around 60hz, that pushes the bass and the kick a bit
3. Sometimes I use the SSL bus compressor on the master but not always.
4. Always the Sonnox limiter with the input set between 3 and 6 dnb and the enhance on +-40%
I always have a limiter on the master throughout the whole production process. I find that if you only add it at the end your mix might be pumping or distorting.

14. Do you master your own tunes?

Don’t master the tunes myself. I’ll leave that to a professional.

15. Do you like to colab or write by yourself?

I haven’t released many collabs but I like both. Sometimes I wish I had a permanent collaborater to speed things up a bit.

16. Your music education?

I went to SAE in London in 2002. Fuck that’s ages ago.

17. What other types of music do you make?

I’m also working on some Techno and Tech house projects. I’m hoping to have a few decent tunes ready by the end of the year. I guess The Cocoon Lp reflects the stuff I like quite well.
I’ve also written soundtracks for short films, which was fun. I might be working on a new film soon actually.

Where do you call home right now?

I live in Luxembourg in a village not far from Luxembourg city. For those who don’t know Luxembourg is a country and it’s capital city is called Luxembourg as well. It’s right in between Belgium, France and Germany.

That wraps up the Q&A with the mighty Chook but I think you’ll agree that he really knows his stuff. The insight into what he puts on his master buss was worth the price of admission alone! Stay tuned as I’ll have another Q&A with another Drum & Bass Superstar soon!

See you on the dance floor.


P.S. I’m serious, check out the album Cocoon right now and give it a listen. See ya.

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