Simon V Mastering Tutorial

Our favourite Santorin producer Simon V gives us some excellent drum n bass production tips on how he masters his tracks for commercial release. Simon kindly gives up audio snippets to download at various stages in the production so that we can hear hear the processes he applies and how they colour the sound. I love the before and after snippets of the tune, dramatic or what? Damn!

What I really love about the  tutorial is the way he breaks down all the different plugins he uses for drum n bass production and the audio snapshots are gold. Oh and like the way he includes a snapshot of the plugins at each stage is cool. The tutorial clearly shows that Simon loves his UAD plugins and I’d have to agree with him there, all the way to the bank on that one! Its also really clear that Simon knows his plugins in his Cubase folder really well. I mean the way he explains the Neve 88RS and what it can do is eye-opening. Even though I love the smell of new plugins I also encourage getting to know the plugins you already have first. The only problem with the tutorial is that some people wont have access to these plugins and he doesn’t offer up any alternatives! Doh! Oh well, I suppose we’re getting the skinny on how he works so if we keep that in mind we can forgive him for that oversight!

I think the tutorial is really clear and really well written for all levels of drum n bass production and so should appeal to all. I certainly got something out of it. (His use and explaination of certain UAD plugins was awesome!)

Well, enough of me gas bagging about it, go check it out here.

See you on the dancefloor.

P.S.  Catch DJ Chook from Luxembourg playing in Sydney on the 18th of December 2009 for the No Frills Xmas party!

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