Episode3: The Return of the DnB Geek! Seriously, did the Geek in DnB ever go away? Its always been lurking there, in the background, behind the sofa, under the bed.  Behind every great producer in DnB  there was this little geek adjusting the faders on the mixing console and going nuts with the patchbay! Anyways… what the hell does this have to do with part3? Seriously I have no idea! I probably did when I started to write this part but its totally alluded me now!

Okay, so lets get serious about this now. Part 3 is all about crazy effects and what vst’s you can call on to produce them crazy sounds! Bring it on!
I’m just going to rattle a few off the top of my head so here goes:
NOTE: Go crazy with automation and randomness but above all RECORD the result whilst working!
1. Crazy Ivan. This is a mental plug that absolutely slaughters any sound that is brave enough to enter its
binary code!
2. Paul Stretch. This little .exe is nuts on steroids. Crazy, brilliant, superb are all desriptions that pop into my
head. Whack anything into the program. It spits out gold.
3. Native Instruments Reaktor5. Its the bees knees when it comes to the most insane coding known to man!
The guys who contribute to the User Library are all mad! Mad i tell you!
4. Dblue Glitch. Superb app for just getting down and dirty with glitchy messed up IDM stylee.
5. Native Instruments FM8, Absynth4 and Massive are top notch. What you can achieve with these plugs is
absolutely amazing. The amount of modulation options is mind boggling. Absynth’s jump envelopes have to
be heard to be believed.
6. Access Virus Ti Snow. No I’m not being biased here because I got one! Shame on you for thinking that!
The Virus range has always been a winner when it comes to making crazy sounds. Stacks and stacks of
Modulation options and a full sound make it a proper synth owners dream.
Well I hope that helps you out for now. Seriously I recommend grabbing only a couple of the plugs and really getting to know them inside out. Then move onto the next couple.
Tell next time.

P.S oh i forgot. I use Voxengo Recorder to grab all my messing about with plugs and stuff. Its free so go
now and grab it from their site here.

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