Well, I’m back but this isn’t gonna be that another latest drum n bass production wonder vst plugin article. That was last week! You can check it out here just in case you missed it. No, this one  is gonna be an article on the other programs I like to use to help me out in my daily drum n bass production superstar life! lol These are the little helpers (or not so big) that help you out in big ways. Lets get cracking then shall we?


CCleaner – This program is definitely a handy little ap available from here. I run this program every few days, maybe once a week then. Its great for making sure you’ve got maximum HHD space and keeping your registry bang up to scratch. Another really cool feature is the way it can uninstall difficult programs and yep, its free.


Winrar – This little program has been around for ages and definitely over took Winzip (in my opinion) for unzipping shit. When I learnt that you could right click and “extract here” my life was all good. Also the way you can extract different folders separately is awesome.

NFO Viewer – Awesome little app that comes in handy when you need to look at those .nfo that comes along with certain other files from the web. To be honest I don’t use it that much these days but I like the pretty pictures and effort that they put into the .nfo files. Oh by the way I use Notepad to open up the .nfo files.


Daemon Tools –  You need this app if you deal with ISO’s from the web because of its virtual drive feature. Just mount the .ISO in Daemon Tools and your computer will think the original is in the “drive”. Very handy indeed.

Microsoft Defrag – Yep, I said it, the big M word,  Microsoft. They actually did something right for once with this little app in XP. I run it every now and again and it just works. Defraging actually makes the computer run smoother and that’s a good thing cause music production takes it out of the old computer.

vlc player

VLC player – Awesome program that nearly plays everything. There has been only one file that it couldn’t play, one. They’re always updating it too so that keeps on playing everything. This player is FREE!


Foobar2000 – One of the best audio players out there for the PC. Plays 24bit files or whatever you throw at it without skipping a beat. Real simple interface and dead small in size but best of all its totally free, love it!

Having a properly kitted out studio with all the latest vst plugins and hardware made for drum n bass production isn’t the entire picture. Making sure you have the right software to speed up the day to day chores is critical when it comes to improving your beats. Freeing up more time to get on with what’s important  “drum n bass production”.

See you on the dancefloor


P.S. When I was growing up I was a bit of a Hip Hop Electro funk rat. Running around the neighbourhood breakdancing with my fat laces in my Adidas shell toes listening to Run DMC and LL Cool J.  If you feel like reliving some of those memories check out my homies site coldcrush.com.au for some electrofunk madness.

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