Just a real super quick post for Tuesday. (in Sydney, Australia its Tuesday ok.)

1. Native Instruments Transient Shaper – Really good. Super easy to use and sounds great. Low on CPU as well.

2. Voxengo Gliss EQ – What can i say. This Dynamic EQ does it all. Mid/Side, EQ Match blah blah. Use it. Love it.

3. Sonimus Satson – Great plugin. To really hear it in effect you have to place it on quite a few channels but when you do things start to warm up nicely.

4. XLN Audio Addictive Drums – When it comes to great drum sounds and grooves quickly. Addictive Drums is the first VSTi i use. Perfect for adding that bit of character behind your main Kick and Snare.

5. Camel Audio Camelphat – Awesome Swiss knife plugin but mainly used for the Overdrive/Distortion section and the Compression. Use mainly as a send fx but works great as an insert as well.

6. Nugen Stereoizer – Found out about this from the Drumsound Smith video. Just works really really really well. Perfect for opening up your mixes.

7. Native Instruments Kontakt 5 – The BEAST! Has taken me a while to feel totally comfortable with this monster but now that i’m in control the sound design possibilities are endless. Make it your BIATCH! It will be worth it.

Well thats 7 VSTs and VSTi’s  that i’m using in 99.99% of my projects to date. Check them out. You know you want to!


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