Well seems like ages. Ok, it has been ages but its all been worthwhile.

I hope all of you have been busy working on your beats in the studio in the mean time.

I’ve had some set backs but my health and studio situation have all settled now so things are good.

First thing is first.

I have a track out!

Its a Colab with my boy FUJ and its on Scientia and its called Genesis.

Its got some space/alien references.

Its rolling but still quite deep.

Hope you enjoy it.

So click the link below

We’ve actually got another track signed but I don’t want to disclose the other label yet but i’m excited.

I’ve actually got a few labels interested in some tunes but the process actually takes a while so don’t give up!

Just continue on making music.

Its worth it in the end.


Anyways I’m hoping to write some more stuff soon.

I’m actually playing with Klute in 2 weeks so i’m super excited!

Big Tingz! a




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