Carpal Tunnel SyndromeHowdy, Its been a while hasn’t it?

Too long and my apologies.

Now you know from the last post I wrote I was suffering from Carpal Tunnel. Well the good news is my condition is finally getting better and I’m able to work in my beats again for a few hours without PAIN. The biggest lesson I learn’t from all this (its not completely healed btw) is


Now the details of my some what recovery I’ll bore you with another time but for now know that I’m doing okay and thanks for the kind words.

Quick bit of news for you.

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Okay, now for some tips for you to use in your studio.

A good friend of mine was over the other day and he was telling me about how his Hi Hats in a certain track just wouldn’t fit. He tried EQ and compression and different pitches and envelopes but still they wouldn’t fit.

MY ADVICE…. find new hats for the track.

Now this may seem obvious but sometimes when you are in the lab battling your creative demons you forget one of the most important rules.


I don’t know how to put it better than that…

In fact i’ve gone through a bunch of my old projects and disabled all the EQ, Compression and FX and was shocked that the track/tune sounded better without them! Imagine that… you’ve gone and done all this work to only find out it sounded better without all that fancy EQ and Compression! lol

Now, some tracks still sounded like rubbish but those samples I was trying to use were T.U.R.D.

and you know you can’t polish one of those!


Anyways… thats my rant over!

See you on the dance floor


PS. I’ve just moved the website onto a new server. So there will be some changes going on. FOR THE BETTER!

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