Okay, this tip is not really a new one. The plugin I’m referring to here is the PSP Vintage Warmer 2 by those Polish boffins of Audio Software PSP.

If you had the chance to check out the latest CM mag with heavy weights Icicle, Reso and the Qemists then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

If you didn’t. Go out and grab the magazine or Google that shizzle.  Most definitely worth it.

Works absolutely brilliant on drums and well… er anything. Perfect if you need to add a bit of life to your drum break or fatten it up 200%!

Using The PSP Vintage Warmer 2

1. Turn up the drive knob.

2.Play with the Knee. 0-12 should do it.

3. Put it into FAT and Multi mode.

4. Turn the Limit OFF (use the Sonnox Oxford Limiter)

5. Adjust the High and Low band EQ to taste. I use them subtractively to flatten out the break whilst using Voxengo Span.

The thing about PSP VW2 is its pretty ease to use but the results are awesome.

Now… go out there and FU*K up some breaks!

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