Unfortunately for me, I had to move out of the STUDIO I shared with a good friend.

Just like the track lyrics go… Money was too tight to mention! (That and a European Holiday is looming!)

Anyways… I was really concerned about my musical output over the last few months. To be honest, I can’t be too hard on myself as I was suffering with Carpal Tunnel, but lets be fair… my wrist is ALOT better now.

Not 100% but I can definitely do quite a few hours now with out any pain. (I’ll write up about the special vertical mouse I use now and the wrist guard I wear at night every now and again later.)

Ok, so whats the use of all this rambling? Oh yes,  to keep track of your ACTUAL time spent producing Beats/Bass/FX ETC.

But Why? Read on…

When I was at the Studio I was doing between 6-8 hours!

So how many do I do now?

Well, certainly NOT that! I had to sit down and figure it out… It didn’t take too long. 1-2 hours.. MAX!


So what was the plan?


This devious little technique was learnt whilst scouring the web for some productivity tips and I think it works rather marvelously!

I think its pretty self explanatory. You cross off the days you “did” something and you try to NOT break the chain. Sounds easy enough right?

It is.. but here is some tips to help you stay consistent.

Keep the Calendar close and where you can see when you wake up and go to bed. So on the bedside table is ideal.

Don’t make it too hard for yourself to complete the task. So mine is to “Just make Bass EVERYDAY”… thats it. I don’t care about how many I make, I don’t care about what synth I use. I just do it.

Use a template all set up and ready to go! So add a pad or drone and some shakers/beats/perc. etc.


Well, there you go..  I hope this sparks off some ideas and helps you to use your time more productively when you have it in the studio. I don’t know why this technique works but if you struggle with being productive then give it a try!

Anyways, I ‘ve taken up too much of your time already.

See you on the dancefloor.


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