Well its been a crazy 3 weeks! With not less than 4 international artists stepping through my door into the studio! The Nofrills Crew of late has been really on fire of late putting on the best dnb parties in the country. The good news for us is that crowd numbers are on the up and by the looks of the current trend its only going to go up and up.

Did I manage to learn anything from the international jetset superstars? Hell yes! First of I want to thank Tim – Current Value, Flo – Phace, Stu – State of Mind and Dave – The Sect for popping in and saying hello and spending the time to hang out! Respect!

Behringer Ultracurve Pro DEQ2496
It was a while ago that I had heard of this “wonderbox” from Behringer. I know I know the thought that Behringer had actually made something useful was something that i could never imagine! Okay, so Lethal and Kharnage had mentiioned it in an Offkey forum Q&A and it actually sounded to  go to be true! I mean the unit itself only costs around 200 Euro so what good could it actually do? Well, read on my friend.

The Behringer Truth and the real Truth
I’ve got a pair of Mackie HR824’s (dnb standard) in my kinda small apartment(studio to me but living room to my wife). I always thought they sounded really decent. Excellent bass response and good but not great
stereo image. This improved abit when i put in some Aurolex Sound panels to help improve the room’s acoustics.
well, 3 minutes in the chair and Current Value was telling me that my MACKIES sounded like shit. He was only being honest and I appreciate that. You see the room was KILLING ME! I have always known
about a standing wave of about 50hz in the room but there were plenty of others i didn’t know about! When i making beats or trying to mixdown I was constantly FIGHTING THE ROOM!

Let me explain
Okay, so i got this standing wave at 50hz which means that I probably got one around 100hz etc. So when i’m writing a bassline in G the Root note “G” is going to boomm louder then all the rest of
the notes, because it sounds lounder I’ll want to put the volume down on that note. WRONG!
Same with 100hz, if i have a kick there it’ll be alot boomier than normal and generally i’ll cut there to solve the problem. WRONG! ETC ETC
Now multiply this across the whole spectrum and you can see this is a MASSIVE problem!

In steps the Ultracurve Pro.
Okay, so i’m not going to go into detail about how to set it up. Here is the site that explains
wonderfully  how to do all that. I will tell you that you need the unit and a “microphone” and thats it.
Basically the setup is going to take maybe 10 minutes tops and no more but when its done be prepared to
have your socks blown off! Put on your favourite tracks to compare the sound quality. Not much different
right? Now bypass the unit! Wow! you should hear a totally different track now. I did, and Phace did as
well. We were really impressed with the results. Everyone who has been over has been really blown away.
For the time it took to implement and the price of the unit and results that it achieves the
Behringer Ultracurve Pro is gold. If you get the chance check it out.

I’ll most def write up some more goodies from the guys soon. So much more incredible stuff to share.

Hope this helps out some.


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