Hi peeps, just a heads up on the whats going down over at kmag.co.uk. They got an awesome series started called the  “Science of Sampling”. They’re going to cover pretty much everything to do with sampling like “what is sampling?, analog samplers, digital samplers, the future of sampling etc”. If you know me at all you’ll know that I love my samplers! I have an E-mu 5000 ultra and an AKAI s3000XL (part of huge hardware library) that I absolutely will NOT part with!

E-mu Sampler

To make the feature even more juicy there is going to be a massive competition to the tune of £500 worth of samples from soundstosample.com and a Brand spanking new Maschine from heavyweights Native Instruments! Gulp! I want one of these please!


It doesn’t end there peeps. Not in a long shot because there is also a Shogun music and Fenchurch Clothing Remix special competition here from the man of the moment Icicle. The tune is called “Time to Remember”.


Plus, tonnes of free samples to download from Mistabishi, Icicle, Stakka and David Carbone. We all love free samples! Bring it on I say!

I urge you to take a quick gander over there and check it out. To make things easier for you and me its written in plain easy to understand english and they’ve put in Youtube clips for examples. This article is a great introduction to sampling for beginners and there’s even something for more advanced headz. So get cracking with those Remixes! Enjoy

See you on the dancefloor


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