mistabishi_Drum&Bass_Vol4Mistabishi – Drum & Bass Vol.4 Sample CD Review
So you’ve been trying to write Drum n Bass for a while now but your tunes just don’t seem to be getting anywhere, right?

You’re bass sounds weak and your drums just don’t have that punch and weight that most commercial drum n bass does right?

Where do I even begin with Drum n Bass Production?

Well, luckily for us the good chaps over at Loopmasters have stepped in and wrangled in Hospital heavyweight “Mistabishi” to supply us mere mortals with some of his finest samples hot from his very own hardrive!

Check out the Video Overview on the Mistabishi Drum & Bass Vol.4 Sample CD Below

Grab the Mistabishi from Loopmasters HERE!

Okay, normally I have little faith in Drum & Bass sample CD’s. I’ve been let down with the quality over the years but in all honesty the quality over the last 12 months has been getting better and this Mistabishi sample cd from Loopmasters is a prime example of what I’m talking about.

I mean, its an awesome idea right? Get some of the best producers in each genre to offer up some samples for us to use in our own production, brilliant! These samples are absolutely perfect for adding weight to your drums or nastiness in your bass or just kicking off a whole new tune idea!

Here’s a run down of what’s in the pack. Personally I think its a big light but to be fair its all quality through and through.

Tech Specs:

  • 800MB
  • 24Bit Samples
  • 55 huge Basslines
  • 15 Breaks FX Loops
  • 31 Breaks
  • 6 Build Up Loops
  • 14 Hi Hat Loops
  • 10 Percussion Loops
  • 8 Drum Rolls
  • 6 Shuffle Loops
  • 18 Guitar Loops
  • 23 Synth and Pad Loops
  • 14 Bass Hits
  • 7 FX Samples
  • 2 Guitar Stabs
  • 18 Pad Hits
  • 50 Single Drum Samples
  • Different Formats (.WAV, Aiff, NNXT, Kontakt etc)
The LoopMasters Mistabishi Drum & Bass Vol4 Sample Pack is a great addition to your sample library.
It has enough loops to get you rolling and enough variations/FX samples to give your tracks that polished finish. So, if you’re sick and tired of of lame ass beats and want to write some quality tunes for the dancefloor the Mistabishi pack is the one for you. Click the link below and get on your way to writing phat beats!

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