Loopmasters BHK DnB Rough Connection Vol.4So after the smashing success of Total Science Drum and Bass Vol.5 Loopmasters is back with BHK D’N’B Rough Connections Vol.4. Everybody knows that the BHK Series has been a great success and supplied the Drum and Bass community with some quality samples and I’m happy to inform the peeps that Vol.4 is plenty more of the good stuff.

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Atmosphere Sounds

Excellent high quality sounds. Small in number but very high quality sounds to get you inspired to write music over the top or use as intro’s and breakdowns.
Definitely aimed at the Sci-Fi Dark Neuro-Funk Producers out there. Probably wouldn’t go astray in some banging Metalheadz type tunes either!


Drum Breaks

When it comes to drum breaks there is more than enough there to keep you satisfied. Now on a slightly honest note I wasn’t that impressed with all all the breaks. However, if you look hard enough there is some gems that are thrown into the pack and absolutely begging for you to use in a tune or two. A cool thing about the breaks folder is that there is plenty of variation in the breaks so all the major styles are covered. Big stompy breaks, liquid breaks, rolling breaks whatever they’re all there.


A very nice selection of 40 kicks. All very punchy and have plenty of weight to them. All full range as well so you wont have a problem getting them to cut through a mix. If you hate spending a few hours or days struggling layering kick upon kick and getting nowhere then these samples are a blessing. Load them up in the sampler or arrange page and off you go!


All the snares smack hard and have just the right amount of tail on them and stereo width. Dirt Dirt and more Dirt has been processed on these snares so if you are looking for hard dirty heavy snares then look no further. Here is a fine collection of 41 dirty driven punchy snares that will find a home in many many tunes. Snares are some of the hardest parts in Drum and Bass Production to get right but having these bad boys on your HDD is a God send.

Misc FX

A great little collection fo 51 sounds. Very techy oriented. You’ll find sounds with plenty of motion and tonnes of character. Perfect for adding a little spice to your tunes. There is just the right amount of reverb or delay on the samples which is cool because I hate samples that drenched in reverb and delay.

Sound FX

Curiously there is another folder called Sound FX which is more geared towards little bass snippets. All the samples are labelled with their key/note. You get some nice twisted reese like sounds in here and some other cool sounds you could chop up and reverse etc.

Synth Sounds

Little collection of 15 samples that come in the form of single long notes that have plenty of modulation. Pop these little guys into a sampler and have some fun! Because the samples are evolving and mutating you get this nice changing textures over time. Wicked. Draw in some notes and go crazy with modulation like LFO’s and envelopes. Then resample and resample again.

Reese Sounds

Crazy collection of 34 Reese sounds. All very different and all labeled with the root note/pitch. Long sounds with modulation and distortion of varying degrees. You the same method as outlined above for maximum impact with these guys.

Bass Loops

To me the Bass loops were very uninspiring but you know what? I think that about most DnB sample pack Bass Loops, except the Total Science pack. Most of the time your just get a bunch of unusable and loops and hear its just the same. If you want to get the most out of these you’re going to have to get your hands dirty and start going crazy on the chopping and reversing. Not that this is a bad thing but if you wanted to just get cracking straight away you best look in another folder!

Sub Bass

Small collection of sub bass sounds but to be honest you don’t need really many at all. I’ve probably been using the same Sub sound for a while now. Netherless the sub’s here a big fat and warm. Some get a little dirty but thats okay if you want to make some big ass sub tunes. You can also make your own Sub Bass if you’re keen. Just read this post on making Sub Bass here.

Synth hits

34 synth hits that sound pretty dope. Shorter than the sound fx samples these little guys are perfect for adding some extra flavor to your bass lines. Just add some delay or fx and your good to go. Twist, repitch and reverse these guys for the best effect. I like to add these parts last when the main body of the tune is finished already. That way you got a key to work around and finding some extra sounds is a breeze.


BHK DnB Rough Connections Vol. 4 comes now in nearly every format under the sound which is crazy! You the regular Kontakt, EXS24, Redrum,
NN-XT, etc but now chuck in Native Instruments Maschine and Fxpansion Geist! So I think that covers probably nearly everyone under the sun!

If you purchased any of the other BHK packs then you probably know how good the samples are and Vol.4 is no exception. Quality hard hitting samples for you to use in your own tunes. The best way to use it is definitely add them as layers to your own samples. Most of the samples pitch is clearly marked so you shouldn’t have too many problems doing that at all.

There is a lot of great samples CD’s out right now like the Total Science Drum and Bass Vol.5 sample pack and if you read my last review I think its the best one out there. However, I would recommend this pack for producers who make Neuro funk ala Phace, Noisia and Misanthrop or Amen smashers like Tech Itch and Donny etc.

If you’re into the heavy Dubstep sounds you could most definitely find some usable sounds on here. Artists like Triage, SPL and Babylon System are a perfect example of what you could do with the sounds.

BHK DnB Rough Connections Vol.4 definitely gets the BIG thumbs up from me.

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