Davide Carbone Loopmasters SamplifyMr Carbone Returns

Mr Davide Carbone is back with another Drum and Bass sample pack called S:amplify brought to you by those lovers of everything sampled Loopmasters.

I knew something was cooking when Mr Carbone himself asked a few questions to the “Gridsters” on DOA about what he should include in the “next” sample pack. This Is a smart man I thought to myself, getting user feedback is so important in today’s day and age and more producers/companies should take notice.

Its clever and makes a hell of a lot of sense. So without further ado:

Check Out Samplify HERE

Loopmasters Samplify- What’s on the inside?

Well, to start with, you get 1.4gb of samples. Which lets be honest is plenty. I prefer quality over quantity and S:amplify doesn’t disappoint. All the major formats are covered from Kontakt, EXS24, Reason Refill and Ableton Live so it really doesn’t matter if you’re a Cubase, Logic or Reason junkie, Davide’s got your back.

Inside you get bass loops, drum loops, keys and synth loops, musical loops and percussion loops. Drum Hits and Bass Hits and FX all in 24bit 44.1khz quality.  All the loops in Loopmasters Samplify sound great, are well eq’d and compressed and come prepared so that all you need to do is drop them into your sequencer of choice. You don’t know how much faster this makes the whole tune making process! This leaves you with more time to think about the all important creative stuff.

One criticism I have of Loopmasters Samplify is that there is way too many Sax and Heavy Metal Guitar loops. Sure they sound good but I few different sounds would have been nice as well. Also, there could have been a few more Ride Loops, Conga Loops and the definitely more stabs! You can never have too many Stabs in your personal sample library! So, moving on then…

The Ableton Live test…

I fired up my trusty Ableton Live  and set the tempo to 174 and got busy. First things first,  I started by  looking for a vibe-y atmosphere sample that I could work from. Loopmasters Samplify has quite of few of these types of sounds so what ever genre of Drum and Bass you make you won’t have a problem getting started. However, there is a lot of sounds geared towards the lighter side of drum and bass so “liquid lovers” have got it good here. Maybe a few too many keys for my liking but hey, you do what you can.

Anyways, I found a nice energetic keyboard loop easy enough and found a nice sax loop to go over the top. Next, I added some nice shakers and tambourines. The Perc Loops are pretty damn good. They fit well in the mix and have all the bottom end taken out of them which saves you so much time! Just wish there was a few more!

Drums- Its all about the drums…

Moving on I found some nice punchy drums that had the energy I was after pretty quickly. The drums in Loopmasters Samplify are great quality. They hit hard and sound good in the mix. I then applied a little high pass with my trusty Cambridge EQ to give the Sub a little room to breathe. You don’t even need to get all crazy with a hundred layers of beats. Just 2 was enough to take care of the rhythm section. That’s when you know the beats are slamming!

The Bass…

The first Bass loop i tried was a little disappointing. It sounded great but It was severely lacking some proper low end. I tried everything to get some low end action but came up short so I picked another sample. No problems. Loopmasters Samplify has loads of quality bass loops for you to use. So, what next?

The Rest…

Now that I had the main idea/theme down finding the rest of the samples was easy. The folders are well organized and the files are conveniently marked with BPM, Key Signature and Type. Sweet! A grabbed a couple of sweeps and a couple of hits, applied some FX. It couldn’t be easier.

The final thing to do was a quick arrangement, add some effects like delay and automation and perform a quick mixdown and voila!


From start to finish it took me 3 hours which isn’t it too bad.

In Conclusion…

Loopmasters Samplify is spot on. You get great beats, bass and fx and all the samples are high quality and should be a part of your personal sample library. The musical loops are great because you really can find that bit of inspiration quite quickly and get moving on a tune fast!

The samples are really well produced so you don’t have to worrry about all mucking about with compression or eq but most importantly the beats are phat! Whack them into your tunes for that instant dance floor pressure. Mr Davide Carbone and Loopmasters have done it again.

Check Out Loopmasters Samplify HERE

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