Loxy and Resound Sample PackSo i did something a bit different with this  Loxy and Resound Drum and Bass Vol.8 review.

I placed all the samples into Ableton Session view and sorted them by type- Pads/atmos/kicks/snares… you get the picture. I even loaded up Kontakt  5 so I could play some various patches. Then I just jammed! and jammed some… and some more… and some more. Instant VIBES!

I’ve never done that before. Usually I’ll go through each sample one by one or I’ll build a rough mini track from all the parts. What a pleasant surprise! Instead of obsessing over each individual hit I wanted to hear how the parts worked as a whole and WORK THEY DO!

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Lets have a close look at the Sample Pack


You get 18 really awesome pads/atmos sounds. Generally on the darker/tribal vibe. (its what they make). You should have no problem getting a nice vibe going with this folder of sounds.

95 is a really healthy amount of loops is a sample pack. However most of them are broken down into component parts. So you get foul pride conga, full, main, ring, snare etc. This is a really good way to mix it up and do what you want with the break. Extremely flexible and i wish more sample packs gave you these options. The vibe once again is darker/tribal breaks. However, there is quite a number of Breaks on offer so the folder covers a lot of ground/styles.


I like construction kits. They allow young punters to hear what sounds make up a track and then disasemble the track to hear the individual parts. Great if you just want to study the bass line groove on a tune etc.I think what you’ll find out is that when it comes to music sometimes its not about individual sounds but all the parts combined. Which is why these construction kits are so awesome because they cover so much ground sonically and highlight this fact so easily. You get 16 Dark steppers/tribal/driving/funky/jungle construction kits.  So make sure you check them out thoroughly!

I think this easily the best part of this sample Pack.


At first I was a bit disappointed with the Bass Hits folder. 15 hits was definitely NOT enough for me. Especially when the 15 you DO GET have so much character and vibe. However, you do get the Bass Loops from the Construction kits and the Bass Loops folder so all its not lost. Plus you get to study the samples in isolation which is the real bonus. AB them pronto. They are full of win!

This is a really good collection of Drum Hits, especially thSnares. You get 30 really well chosen snares that range from light and snappy to the more rimshot variety prevalent in DnB right now. The Kicks are big and PHAT and the Hi Hats have got the right amount of flavour.


The Loxy and Resound Drum and Bass Vol.8 Sample Pack is pretty special. It brings the current Minimal/Tribal sound of DnB to your studio and it does it with ease. Nothing was held back here. You get the full force of these two top producers samples to use in your own tunes. Don’t waste this opportunity.

This sample pack is easily worth the purchase price. Check it out here.


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