Howdy, just wanted to say hi and Merry Xmas to you all. You want to know the honest truth? I’m a bit of a ba hum bug kinda guy. I never realy got into the whole Christmas thing, must have been a blow back from my childhood. Anyways, I know a majority of you guys are so I just wanted to say thanks for popping in and taking alook around. I hope that in some small way this site has helped your drum n bass productions. I know for me, my drum n bass tunes have definitely taken a turn in the positive direction. I just want to take the time to thank, and in no order. Phace (Florian), Current Value (Tim), Stu (SOM), Nymfo (Bardo), Axiom (Luke), Chook (Phillip), The Upbeats (Jeremy), Logisitics (Mat) and Noisia (Nik and Martjin) and all the rest that have taken the time to sit with me in the studio and show me how they get down and write dnb beats!

Finally thanks again to you! For popping in and reading my wild rants and ramblings. I love writing about beats and 2010 shouldn’t be any different! I’m sure even a release at some point! wooohooooo!

Anyway… safe journeys and I hope you got some nice additions to your studio or your vst plugins folder!

Peace out

see you on the dancefloor!


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