Mixing Secrets for the Small StudioMixing Secrets for the Small Studio

I love drum and bass production. I love music production period and I love all the books that go along with making beats. Mixing Secrets (MS) is a new favourite of mine and I only had to read the first 4 chapters and I was hooked. Well written and clearly laid out MS reached out to me and opened my eyes (or should I say ears) to some facts about mixing for the small studio. (which most of us have!)

Written by Mike Senior who is part of the SOS Magazine team and has bucket loads of experience when it comes to mixing and audio production. This book is a testament of his knowledge and passion for teaching and educating people in all things audio.

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Unfortunately this book doesn’t come with a DVD or CD like Mixing Audio Concepts by Roey Izhaki. However, its not a deal breaker as at the end of every chapter there is a link to a page online that contains all the relevant audio and tools.


What you get

342 page book published by Focal Press

20 chapters of solid information grouped into 4 parts.

Part 1 – Hearing and Listening

Part 2 – Mix Preparation

Part 3 – Balance

Part 4 – Sweeting To Taste

MS was written to be read from front to back sequentially. Its a real easy read and only took me a few hours to read it after the chaps at DHL delivered it to my door. I’ve since gone back in on the book re-reading certain chapters and this method works as well.

What you learn

MS isn’t really aimed for Newbies so if you don’t know what a DAW or a VST is, I would recommend you first get Mixing Audio. However, on saying that Part 1 – Hearing and Listening is absolutely mandatory reading for all levels of music production. I wish i had bought this book before buying my new nearfields… ouch!

Other topics MS covers are:

1. Compression

2. EQ

3. Side Chain

4. Mixing with Reverb

5. Mixing with Delays

6. Stereo Enhancements

7. Buss Compression

8. Automation

The chapters on  Buss Compression and Stereo Enhancements are awesome and full of great tips and insights. The chapters on Mixing with Reverb and Delays can really help give your tracks that professional edge and help gel your track together.

Why i love the book

Besides the killer information this book holds and its clear layout and design is the way this book is written. Easy to understand language with a touch of good old fashion English humour thrown in for good measure.  Like I stated before though Part 1 is absolutely awesome and I learnt so much from those 4 chapters and I personally think you should definitely purchase the book on them alone!

There is also a “Cut to the chase” section at the end of every chapter which is like a nice little round up and then right at the end of the chapter you get an “assignment” or to do list. Which is a great little addition to the book because sometimes after reading all that good stuff you need to do list.

The end of book comes with an A-Z list of top engineers and albums they have worked on. This is awesome because you can pick up some albums and start listening to some tracks and build your on “AB Reference Library”.

Who is going to benefit from the book

This book is for producers who want to take their productions up a notch or three. although none of the concepts here ground breaking or new the book delivers the right information to you in a clear manner easy for you to digest and put in your own practice.

Where can you get it

I got mine from Amazon and paid for the express delivery. Ordered on Monday night and arrived on Friday morning. WIN!

Do yourself a favour and pick up this book and learn. Your productions and skill levels as a producer will go up a notch or two.

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