Howdy, I’ve got to make this drum n bass production workflow tips brief as I have 100 things to do today so I’ll just blast you with some cool bulletstyle points about how I’m getting down right now!

1. If you don’t have an idea when you sit down to right a tune, GET ONE! That’s right, go out there and start sampling or listen to some music etc.

2. Focus on getting all the elements of your tune together first! Don’t spend time on compression or effects or whatever. Get your musical elements down!

3. After you have all your bits booming/smashing up the place and your dancing around to your own tune like a mad person, start mixing down. You want to start mixing down after you have all your elements because when it comes to EQ or compression its all relative to whole track! For e.g. Why boost the snare at 200hz if the tune requires a tight little pokey snare? Listen first to the WHOLE tune then make the call. Same goes with compression etc. Don’t forget when your mixing down to leave a little headroom. I’m mixing my kick to around -12db. This seems to be working okay for me right now. Why -12db? Well I was originally mixing to -6db but I found out quickly I was running into the red too much. So now I leave a little room for my compression/eq/limiter.

4. I’ve also been spending some time making Kontakt instruments/banks/presets. I’ve found this to be so important when your writing because you have to work fast when inspiration strikes. Kontakt 3 is awesome for this as it has the cool quickload feature and a very good search function. I’ve also discovered Chicken Systems Translator Pro to help me with converting samples into Kontakt instruments. Very very handy indeed. Works great as well! 🙂

Well, only a quick 4 points on how to improve your drum n bass prodution but hopefully you got something out of it!
See you on the dancefloor.
No Frills Locus Crew Sydney

P.S. I would to hear your feedback/comments about how YOU work etc.

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