Dauntless and my good friend Florian from Phace

Dauntless and my good friend Florian from Phace

Chilling in the hood

Chilling in the studio with Current Value and The Sect

Dauntless and Stu - State of Mind

Dauntless and Stu - State of Mind

Mayhem and Dauntless in the Studio

Mayhem and Dauntless Studio Geeks

Bulletproof and Dauntless Sydney 2010

Chook and Dauntless on the Studio Couch

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  1. Nice!

  2. Wow man, I just found your site through a link in someone’s sig on DOA’s Grid forum and I have to say… GREAT stuff man. Seriously, as a budding learner I seriously appreciate your effort. As if your tips and articles weren’t enough to get my eyes wide, you’ve got a collection of seriously awesome photos here! How did you get to meet up with all these incredible producers? Pretty much everyone in these photos is one of my favorite heads. Are you personally buds with all these guys? Also, how can I here any tracks you’ve made? I’d really like to hear your work!

    • Hey thanks a million for the kind comment. I consider myself to still be learning the arts of dnb production but hey most of the big boys still have the same attitude. We iz all still learning this game! My wife and I are a part of a crew in Sydney Australia called No Frills Drum & Bass and we have brought over all the artists you see in the photos and more. Over the years some of become very close friends to the point we have spent time in each others studio etc.

      Tracks have been slow for me recently because of work commitments but this year I’m taking the year off and dedicating myself to music to I KNOW big things are going to happen for me. Stay tuned for my Soundcloud page that’s in the making.


  3. i just discovered your tips bro,,,and i can relate to every little head jam you’ve been through too!! i skip from track to track without finishing any, i know why i do it, …..i’m too damn fussy!!
    i want that killer tune…. nuff respect dauntless

    • Hey man, thanks for feedback and positive comments.
      Good to see that I’m not the only “one” suffering from this DnB Problem!
      It never stops though…. once to deal with one problem.
      You guessed it… you then have to deal with another problem!
      ha! lucky we love production!
      Keep at it bro.



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