Howdy, just a real quick update to let you in on whats been doing?

Had my good friend Florian Phace in Sydney recently and we spent a bit of time in the studio (he basically kicked my *ss).

Seriously, the guy is an absolute legend and his skills are right up there man.

Anyways, some of his main critiques for my tunes was “sloppy” transients and not having a “full” spectrum in my bass.

I’ll go into both problems in detail later but for now:

Check out the Noisia FM mag video on Youtube for Transients.

Check out the BassGorilla Neuro Bass Videos for full spectrum bass… ( when you want to resample your bass)

Plugin wise i went on a spending spree trying to get all my shizz legit.

Yes thats right… legit –— don’t laugh at me… 🙂


Quick tip: June/July is a great time to grab your plugins because of the sales. So remember that next time if you are planning on purchasing.


The new wave of UAD plugins are amazing. So if you have or your planning on buying in… now is a great time.

The new Millenia, Shadow Hills, Fatso, Fairchild and Pultec Pro are killer!

Fabfilter, Izotope, Sonic Academy Kick, Camelphat, Native Instruments all make fantastic plugins I’m using loads.

Fabfilter Q for EQ especially the MS mode, Kick for kicks, Phat for distortion, Izotope Alloy and Trash2, NI for Kontakt5 etc.

* peeps, check out the videos on if you haven’t already. Even if you don’t use their stuff. Plenty to learn.

Especially the videos on Mid/Side  and Linear Phase. Really import videos and will help your mixdowns immensely. Do it! *


Lastly, Soundcloud clips to come soon. Its been a million years in the making but they’re coming… believe me.

Its probably good that i’ve held off releasing stuff because i’m changing my artist name. So i guess everything has a reason. 🙂


See you on the dancefloor



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