I get asked about what reverb I use in my productions.

The truth is I use them all!

Ok ,Ok… thats not much of an answer I know but in all honesty. Its the answer you’re going to get from me the most about all the stuffs!

I’ll switch up the “verb” every now and again because frankly I get bored.. or i want to test out a new one.

Most used would be Valhalla Room and the UAD EMT 140 Plate.

I also use the Ableton Live “Stock” reverb and the M4L convolution.

I’m just starting to use the Slate Verb Collection but haven’t got to grips with it yet.

But yeah, if you’re spending all this extra brain power on trying to work out what plugins to use for this and that. DONT.

Just use the one you’re comfortable with and if you’re not comfortable with one then thats the problem. U GOTS TO LEARN!




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