Howdy Peeps,

Me and a close friend/studio buddy finally got around to finishing a remix comp for Sample-Genie.

The track is Vince Grain – Roswell Eyewitness.

Now this was my first attempt at doing/entering a remix competition and we were very close to NOT entering at all.

We found it difficult to keep the flavour  of the original track but after some late night sessions we found the flow and the tune almost wrote itself.

This remix was extremely challenging but ultimately really rewarding.

So i say to you… go out and try a remix if you haven’t done so already.

I’ve/We’ve learnt a lot from doing so and i’m sure I’ll do some more in the future.

Ok, now that that remix is out of the way.. time to finish of the 3-5 other tracks i have to mix down.

Here’s the link to the track.

I’ve love for you to take a listen and leave a comment if you could.

Any tunes that Sachmo and I write will be under the Isol8 name.

So watch up for it because we have plenty in the pipeline.




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