Howdy, just a quick post to let you know that I’m still banging on the beats as hard as ever! I’ve been on holidays for the last month in my original homeland of Vietnam so I’ve not had much time for production. However, now that I’m home its 100% full speed ahead.

The time away was truly awesome and time away from the STUDIO  was actually helpful!

I’ve made a few changes in the way I work in the studio. They aren’t massive changes but I believe they are ESSENTIAL  for finishing tunes:

1. Have a good Idea of what TYPE of tune I’m trying to make. Then I pick a reference tune I want to AB with.

2. With an Atmos sound rolling I go about trying to make the break as good as possible. Always ABing with the Reference tune.

– I’ve found that If I have to go back in on a drum break its soul destroying and normally changes the tune in a bad way!

3. Finding a good starting sample is the next crucial step. Chord Progression, Bass Loops, Horn Stab or whatever. Something musical is a good place to start. Anything really will do but we warned that what you do pick can/may influence what you end up writing.

4. Bass is the next step and then arranging.

Yes, the list above is rough guide to how I’m working and yes I will get into more detail in a later post.

Good luck producing and remember to stay focused on the beats!


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