DNB Production HolidayHowdy, the little break that I thought I would take turned into a full 2 weeks!

Man, I’m really glad that I did… I really needed it. 🙂

At first It was hard.

You know what I mean?

I didn’t know what to do with myself and checking my Facebook every 2 mins got boring REAL FAST!

Anyways, the down time was brilliant for me because it allowed me to refocus and get in touch with the music again! Why 2 weeks? I thought  you was taking a ONE WEEK break? Well, I was happy with the week break but at the end of the week I started to get my HDD organized. Sorting out my Audio Projects, Sample Packs/VST’s and Presets etc. The reality?

What a F-*king MESS!

I really had created a massive headache for myself and it took a whole week of admin to sort it out! Hence the extra week break. I’m glad I did it though as I feel really focused and determined. I’ve just recently finished a track with Mark Bionic and I think it sounds great! (Audio soon to be on my SoundCloud).

Any hints and tips for you?

1. I would say start with your sample packs. I moved most of them off my PC onto a EXT HDD. I’ll add them to my library one at time in the future. This way I can go through each pack properly and get the most out of each one.

2. I’ve said it before. Limit your plugins. That means VST and VSTi’s. I dropped loads of synths from my VST plugins folder and I’m so HAPPY! Knowing a few good synths is extremely beneficial for your music production! I’m using plugins like the UAD Manley Passive and Fairchild 670 etc and loving them! They’ve been hiding in the UAD folder buried underneath the hundreds of plugins! Get to know a few of them really well!

3. Audio Projects. Move them off your HDD and be brutal. I’ve got this bad habit of trying to fix old tunes… I don’t know why? Just open them up one at a time and quickly decide YES or NO. If yes, leave them in your Project folder if NO then leave them on the EX HDD for later on.

4. Organise your Samples Folder…  don’t care how you do it but it needs to be done. I moved most of them onto the EXT HDD as well and then cherry picked the ones I thought sounded wicked. You’ll see the holes in your library this way as well and in the future you can plug these gaps!

5. Really try to have an idea of what track/break/bass your trying to produce. If you just go in willy nilly you’ll pretty much get a willy nilly result. I know this because I’ve got a load of unfinished tracks on my EXT HDD! Have an idea of what you want to produce. If you don’t know. Get to know. Listen to some of your favourite producers and take their tunes apart. You’ll be amazed at what you really hear when you zone into a certain sound!

So, there it is. 5 quick tips on getting organised and taking a break from Music Production. Well, according to me anyways…

As I’ve mentioned before I got some new tips and tricks to share with you so stay tuned.

See you on the dancefloor!





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