If you’ve been following this blog/site at all for the last year you’ll know that ABing or referencing your tunes is one of the MOST CRUCIAL things you could ever do! Now for all the peoples that are using Ableton Live this process is DEAD EASY to do. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be ABing properly in no time.

*** I have to give a big shout out to the guys over at the Ableton Live Forum for the heads up on this. ***

If you’re not using LIVE then don’t fret too much. Its pretty much the same process so just consult your manuals for your DAW.

ABing Your Tracks

 How to Set Up and AB Track

1. Make sure you activate the I-O Section (1)

2. Select Ext.Out  and then select 1/2 for your main sound card Outputs. (2)

3. I live to put a Voxengo Span on the Reference channel so that I can monitor the RMS (3) and the frequencies.

4. So all I do is DE-ACTIVATE THE CHANNEL and then just toggle the SOLO switch for quick ABing. Works great and is well easy to do!

Like i said before, this is not so hard to set up with Logic, Cubase or Pro Tools. Good luck and have fun!

See you on the dance floor.



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