Well a quick post today about left and right brain stuff and how it influences you in the studio.

Sometimes when i get in the studio I don’t feel like writing beats.

Come on… you know what I mean don’t you?

You sit around and move/delete and organise your PC/Mac instead of being creative.

Well what to do?

Well lately (last couple of weeks) of just been letting my left brain (logical/structure etc) have its way in the morning.

There comes a point when you run out of stuff to organise and install etc.

I then go for a quick coffee and meal with the Mrs then back to the studio for a productive right brain creative session.

This next creative right brain session has completely changed the way i work in the studio as well and I think the results are amazing.

I’ll write another post about this new process I’m really into. I think it really works and could really work for you as well.

Anyways… keep writing those beats and stay aware of which side of your brain is taking over.



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