So where do we find samples to put in our DnB tunes? Do we make them up all up ourselves or do we just go down to the local music shop and buy a whole stack of “sample cd’s”? Or better yet, do we spend a day or a week or even a year sampling weird or obsure snippets from retro underground new cool funk albums?  The ways are indeed many, i’ll leave the finding out part to you my friends. As this is the most important part of writing a tune. Your important, YOU! What samples you select ultimately make up a little part of you and this little 2% makes you different from the next Joe Bloggs out there. The problem with drum n bass sounding the same can be traced back to sample selection or indeed the lack there of. Ultimately to get on the good foot and to sound different from the next fool, sample from your collection of cd’s for  a start. This will get you going in the right direction.

Peace out.

Dj Dauntless

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