Do you work with one on? Maybe its sitting on your master buss? Or maybe you put it on each channel of your track  etc?

I used to be fanatical about them and they really are a big help in the studio!

My 2 main ones are the Ableton Spectrum and Voxengo Span. Span is free and Spectrum comes with Ableton. The DAW you use will probably have a free one so just use that. However, this post isn’t about “how” to use a Analyzer. This post is “when” should you turn on the Analyzer?

Now, believe me I’ve asked this question a lot to myself and to other Musicians. The answer they give me???  At the end of the song or they DONT!

They DONT use one at all! But why ? Why don’t they?

Believe me an analyzer gets in the way. Music is all about listening and looking/using your eyes influences what you do a lot!  A perfectly good kick drum may be replaced because it “doesn’t look right” etc. I’ve definitely been guilty of such things.

Can an analyzer help? Sure can, which is why i recommend you use one at the end of the track or in mix down mode. An Analyzer can really help you picking out the pitch of a note or show low end rumble or if you don’t have enough Bass!

So if you find you’re struggling a bit because you’re trying to find a sample that fits all these rules and a glued to looking at a Spectrum Analyzer. Stop and you’ll have way more fun with music again.

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