About 18 months ago i got a Yamaha HSM8 Sub. Now i love it to bits and for a while it was the best music production bit of gear that i had bought. I write DnB so hearing a sub do its thing is magic.

Anyways… lets FF to now and I’ve had to remove it from the studio set up because….

I couldn’t get a mix right to save my life! I had so many tracks to finish and i found i was having to go back all the time doing countless fixes and fixes!



Because of the way it interacts with my room! There’s just too much BASS!

Another Side effect is how tired my ears get after about 1 hour of work! You just can’t work that long with 40hz blaring at you all day long! Some things gotta give.. and usually its the hearing!

So, i switched the my 6” Behringer Ribbon tweeters and life is soo much better!

I’m back in a happy place with mixing  again and my ears and my mixdowns are getting done faster.

So yeah, if you’re working with a sub.. take note and maybe try switching it off for a month and see how you go.





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