Zoom H2Why review the Zoom H2 Handy Recorder?

Well, a friend of mine was looking for a field recorder that was portable and easy to use. He wanted it to be fully featured but most importantly he wanted it to be under $200.

Well that’s easy I thought to myself, there’s loads of recorders out there!

Wrong.There isn’t that many portable recorders out there that fit the bill as I thought and the truth is most of them are pretty bad. However, the Zoom H2 does all the above quite nicely, read on to get the lowdown.

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Sample time with the Zoom H2

I’m a big fan of sampling. I think sampling adds that personal touch to a tune and makes your tracks that little bit more unique then a person who just uses samples taken from a sample CD. Now, don’t get me wrong here. I love sample CD’s and they definitely have there place but if you want to stand out you need to get your hands dirty and sample some vinyl or some sounds outside your window or down the street!

Now, I’m a lazy sod. Probably just like you and so sampling just seems like a big giant time guzzler. First you got to get to the shop, then you have to search through all those records and find the good ones, then you have to… you get the picture. Well, you can’t avoid all that hard work at the start but at the end you can and I’ll show you how the Zoom H2 saves you time!

What I do is plug the Zoom H2 into my mixer. (my new Allen & Heath Xone 42 BTW). Then, I’ll get a good level and record all the vinyl snippets at once. I just let the Zoom H2 continue recording whilst I play each and every bit of vinyl that I may have purchased or have lying around. The great thing is because I have my CDJ’s plugged into the Xone 42 as well I can sample from soundtrack CD’s etc. That’s great but…

Zoom H2 meet Mr Wavelab

Won’t I have a really long messy file? Yes, its true. You’ll end up with a pretty big file to deal with but that’s where my secret weapon comes into play. Wavelab 6. I download the file onto my computer using the USB feature of the Zoom and load it up into Wavelab. Then I use Wavelab’s Split Silence tool to chop up all the bits for me. Easy as that. Wavelab will even put all the files neatly in one new folder for me. I can then apply fx or eq or what ever I want directly onto the samples no worries.

Zoom H2 and No Frills Drum and Bass

I’m also using the Zoom H2 to record my Drum & Bass mixes and the results have been great. Because of its ability to switch between from .WAV to .MP3 I can record a No Frills Drum and Bass gig no problems what so ever! That’s over 5 hours of music, brilliant! However, the fun doesn’t end there. Because I’m recording at 320kbps the sound is very very good!

Check out the video below on how easy it is to use!

Features of the Zoom H2 I love

There’s a whole bunch of stuff I love about the Zoom H2.

  • It’s small enough that it fits in the palm of your hand. Its a little bulkier than an Iphone but compact in design so you can take it anywhere without it being a hassle.
  • The Zoom H2 takes a standard SD Card which is great because they’re so dirt cheap now its unbelievable. The unit takes 2 standard AA batteries which is great because I hate buying weird batteries that cost a fortune. AA batteries you can find everywhere and really affordable.
  • One of the great features of the Zoom H2 is the one click record function. Just 1 click to arm the unit and then another click to start recording. Its as easy as that. You can instantly get recording with literally 2 clicks of a button. This is why the Zoom H2 is so intuitive to use.
  • The Zoom H2 has 4 microphones that are built into the Zoom H2. This is how the unit is able to record 360 degrees. Absolutely perfect for recording a band or in an interview situation.

What others are saying

With over 468 reviews at Amazon with an average review of 4.5 out of 5 the Zoom H2 is killer!

Here are some of comments to date:

  • “As good as the Edirol R-09 for about half the price!”
  • “Much better and easier to operate than the Zoom H4”
  • “H2: Great little recorder”
  • “Take your new podcast to the next level”
  • “Awesome Quality and Price”
  • read more review here.

How much is the Zoom H2 going to cost you?

It’s hard to give you a price on the Zoom H2 because prices can and do change all the time. However, currently right now at Amazon the Zoom H2 is going for around $150. Which is over 56% off the retail price which is an absolute steal.

Anyways… if you want to find out more about the Zoom H2  or read some more review click here.

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