Artificial Intelligence or programs/software to help you write better beats??
Is this true? Can they help?
Damn straight they can.

These are just a few. Later on I’ll try and go in depth with them. Ok. Maybe not in depth but just a glimpse on how I use them.

I’ll try and do some Youtube videos as people seem to really enjoy those.




Metric AB


All of these programs will assist you in making beats, improve ya mixdowns or mastering.

which at the end of the day is what we want right?

I am currently lucky enough to be teaching Music Production to hundreds of students and I’ve seen how first hand the improvement in students work and my own.

Some of these aren’t “technically” AI but u get my drift. They still amazing helpers in the studio!

And these are just the straight links to the website. No affiliate links.. No need for that right now.. I’m just helping people out with info.




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