Finally! There’s movement at the station! A release date. Feb 23. Yay!
This is pretty exciting stuff. Even though it wasn’t that long since Live 10 came out it’s always nice to have a new shiny update to play.
I think everyone is really chomping at the bit to use the Comp tool. I work at an Ableton Live Centre and that seems to be what most people want.

Some of the new synths and Fx are what I’m waiting for but my workhorse will always be Operator. I still love the Arturia Collection, Omnisphere 2 and my Access Virus TI2 Snow

I think the new midi/scale tools could be cool as well to experiment with however I’m currently still loving Scaler2.

All in all Live 11 will be like a fresh coat of new paint or a holiday.. and don’t we all need a holiday!

peace out

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