Okay, I know for some people these drum & bass production videos have been out for a while but just in case you missed them or was living on the moon or something here they are. I actually just recently watched the all the videos again because I loved them so much. I really love the Alix and Sabre videos because of the level of detail they go into.

Big Tip: Come back and watch the videos every now and again. As you get better and better you pick up things you missed the first time through and so on. Enjoy.

Mad Rabbit and Prime Sess:

Xample and Lomax LOADSTAR

Hey if your keen on picking up a microphone so that you can add that special element to your tunes like Alix check out my review of the Blue Snowball USB or the Audio-Technica AT2020 USB.

**** Unfortunately FM Mag took the videos of Alix Perez and Sabre down. Try to pick up a copy of special FM video mag with all the producers in it. Its well worth it! In the mean time I really love the LOADSTAR DnB tutorial and the Mad Rabbit one is pretty good as well****


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