If you are die hard DnB fanatic like me you’ve probably been waiting for “The Raw Truth” from Lynx and Kemo for absolutely ages! Month after month would roll on and the release date would creep back further and further like the way my 13th birthday is slowly slipping from my memory! This was hard to take because you know the quality was going to be there. I mean the man brought us Disco Dodo for goodness sakes! Alas! All is forgiven though because the LP finally dropped and what an LP it is!

Hold up a minute now, The wait for The Raw Truth is finally over? “Was it worth it?” I can hear you all scream out at me. I can positively say yes, yes and yes! 12 tracks of glorious beats, bass and vocals wrapped up neatly into little piece of round plastic called a cd! God I love technology!

Lets break it down and see what we can see. 15 hot tracks from the minds of Lynx and Kemo for your aural pleasure. There is some absolute gems on this album i must say. Now for all you people out there that maybe thinking that Kemo is on throwing down lyrics on every song ti’s not true. Lynx gets down with some other artists like Kate Whitmarsh and Henree just to spice things up. Throw in some superb instrumental tracks which in reality could hold there own and a couple of tracks with one of the current heavyweights of DnB Alix Perez and you got one drop dead smack bang killer album!

Stand outs for me are track 11 Deez Breakz and track 12 Dangerous. Killer vibey tunes for all situations.

If you haven’t gone out there and picked up a copy of “The Raw Truth“, what on Earth are you doing man? One of DnB’s best albums of the year! No doubt!

Peace out.

dj dauntless



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