Well, its 2010 and I tell you what, Drum n Bass Production isn’t getting any easier! Sure you get better in the studio and slowly but surely you start to develop the networking skills you need to get ahead in the music genre but its only just the beginning. Let me explain to you what I mean.

In the Beginning…

I got into electronic music because I was sick and tired of relying on so called “band members” to get there act together. Do it all “myself” was my motto and it seemed like the best solution at the time. I could definitely rely on me to do the hard work I needed to get the tracks done and this felt good. Plus, having NOT to deal with my drummers bullshit excuses for NOT practicing was a good enough reason alone to go solo.

I quickly learnt that drums were pretty hard to program. The bass in Drum & Bass was near impossible to make and the Mixdown in Drum & Bass was UNF*#KING-Believable!

Was this the correct decision?…. YES!

The Different Job Roles of a Drum n Bass Producer

Let me see, to start with you have to be a Producer, Artist, DJ, Engineer, Label Owner, Marketing Guru, Graphic Artist… and so on and so on and to be honest the list could go on and on.

How on Earth was I going to manage all of that? Well, strangely enough, people do?

Keeping it Real!

Many artists are all of the above and more and are doing well to their credit and let’s be honest they deserve it. The key to achieving anything in life is commitment, perseverance and an iron will to succeed.  Try not to be all things at once because that’s a very hard road to travel.

If your just starting out concentrate on just one thing at a time like engineering or just making tunes then after you have them down, think about improving your DJing and so on.

However, most of all, keep your chin up and stay focused.

Good things come to those that have patience.

See you on the dancefloor.


P.S. Mayhem plays for No Frills Drum n Bass on the 19th of March 2010@Phoenix Bar. Its going to be wild.

We also have Lomax and Xample playing 13th of March@LOFT Bar UTS and that promises to be a deadly night of

dancefloor madness.

P.S.S  If you get a chance check out my review of Mixing Audio: Concepts Practices and Tools

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