Howdy Peeps,

Just a quick post here on getting your tracks loud, punchy and have loads of weight (RMS)

If you’ve been watching any DnB Production videos of late then you would have noticed what most people have on their Master Buss these days.

1. Izotope Ozone 4 or Ozone 5

now… Ozone’s Maximiser is fantastic and sounds absolutely brilliant but DO NOT over cook it. Just use it to catch the peaks and keeps things under 0db.

Now, if you are like me and  abused Ozone to get the RMS or Loudness required then you would have realised you were WRONG.

Which brings me to….

2. Layering. In order to get the sufficient RMS and Loudness needed you to layer and layer and layer everything.

I’ve watched loads of videos on Mixdowns and Mastering etc. Not much applies to Drum and Bass.

Essentially with DnB you layer the crap out of everything and smash it into the best Limiting Plugin you get find. (Ozone)

You want somewhere between -7 to -5 rms… Now this is loud. Believe me. Plenty loud.


Some Tips on layering….

1. Dont just layer for the sake of layering. e.g.

A Snare might consist of:

a) 200 punchy layer

b) Tone layer

c) Clap

d) Release

e) White Noise

So figure out what your Snare/Sound needs and add the appropriate layers. Group and Compress them so they sound like one.

Once you do this your Tracks will sound bigger/phatty/chunkier and have the right amount of RMS.

Now, i’ve run over the major ideas really quickly here. So if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask.

See you on the dancefloor.


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